About Fong-Man


Fong-Man Biotech Farm sits atop the rich red earth of Bagua Mountain. Growing on the natural ecological farm are organic tea trees, turmeric, honeysuckle and perilla.

The vast land and farming village are managed by winner of Taiwan Shennong Award (an award to recognize excellence in agriculture), Doctor of Philosophy in agronomy (turmeric) from National Chung Hsing University and a group of farmers who share the same philosophy and believe in the same dream.

The entire family’s love for Taiwan and passion for life and the natural environment prompted the PhD farmer to return home to Bagua Mountain with a mission

台灣百大伴手禮 Taiwan’s top 100 gift choices One of the top 100 souvenir shops of Taiwan
High-quality Doctor Red Turmeric cultivated in natural, Earth-friendly environment named one of top 100 gift choices in Taiwan and top 10 gift choices in Nantou County. Grown in organic compost, Fong-Man Biotech Farm’s Doctor Red Turmeric contains five times more curcumin than turmeric grown in Japan, giving you abundant vitality and powerful nutrition, and makes an ideal gift.
SGS認證 SGS certification SGS Pesticide Residue Testing Residue-free
To protect consumers, Fong-Man Biotech Farm grows red turmeric in a safe and unpolluted environment following stringent guidelines. The products are regularly sent for SGS testing, passing tests for 880 agricultural pesticide residues. Using the highest test standards in the world, Fong-Man Biotech Farm guarantees that its products are free from any pesticide residue because your health is our top priority.
薑黃營養5500mg Turmeric nutrition Red Turmeric contains 8000 mg of curcumin
Doctor Red Turmeric is derived from Mingdao No.1 red turmeric – a turmeric species developed by Dr. Hsieh. Each jar contains up to 8000mg of curcumin, which is the highest amongst turmeric health supplements in the market. Its curcumin content is also 30 times that found in organic turmeric in the market. Fresh and pure, Fong-Man Doctor Red Turmeric gives you much more health benefits!

1.Originally grown in India and tropical Asia, turmeric has over 6000 years of history.

2.Widely used in foods, spices, cosmetics and medicine.

3.Contains high level of curcumin.

4.Curcumin helps to maintain good health, adjust body constitution and boost energy.

5.Highly suitable for everyone in the family.