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Thank you, Miss Mama, for recommending Fong Man Red Turmeric Brown Sugar!
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In winter, girls often suffer from deficiency cold with symptoms such as cold hands and feet because of their menstrual cycle. As ginger is known for warming the body, girls who get cramps, and have cold hands and feet, are often advised by their elders or the Internet to drink brown sugar ginger tea. Not only does it warm the uterus but also help to accelerate the discharge of menstrual blood. Turmeric - the health fad in the last two years is the dark yellow powder obtained from grounding the root-tuber of turmeric/ginger.
But there are so many varieties of ginger/turmeric so why do we often hear about red turmeric? This is because red turmeric contains much more curcumin than any other species. Doctor Red Turmeric from Nantou’s Bagua Mountain is very suitable for natural ecological farming because of its geographical position near the Zhuoshui River and its abundant sunlight, and shroud of clouds and mist in the afternoon. Thus, crops from there are natural, pure and healthy. In fact, its curcumin content is 38-300 times the ordinary turmeric!

What is natural farming?
Natural farming is an ecological farming approach established by Masanobu Fukuoka in 1936. It is known as “no fertilizer farming” or “shizen noho” in Japan. It refers to a way of farming that mimics nature and does not use fertilizer or pesticides (herbicides). The term “natural” is used to differentiate it from the customary method of farming using fertilizers and pesticides. - Wikipedia
Fong Man Biotech Farm, which cultivates Doctor Red Turmeric, uses natural organic fertilizers and soybean liquid fertilizers to take care of its crops, giving its fields more eco-diversity. In fact, it was conferred the Taiwan Shennong Award (an award to recognize excellence in agriculture).
The farm has since turned Doctor Red Turmeric into many healthy products, such as red turmeric powder, red turmeric thin noodle, red turmeric ramen, red turmeric oolong tea and red turmeric brown sugar. These products are so popular that they are exported to Europe, USA, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.
Today the wonderful product I’m going to share with you is the warming nourishment for girls – Red Turmeric Brown Sugar.
There are three flavors of Red Turmeric Brown Sugar: original, old ginger and longan
Their main ingredients are Taiwan brown sugar and naturally cultivated red turmeric ~ within the deep yellow coloring is the abundance of nutritional curcumin! (just a note, the yellow color of curry actually comes from curcumin too ~ I wonder if it’s possible to cook curry with Red Turmeric Brown Sugar, perhaps the sweetness will appeal to kids?)
Different ingredients are then added for the different flavors. For instance, my favorite flavor – Old Ginger, really contains many finely chopped ginger; and the longan flavor contains bits of longan ~ making it delicious and sweet.

Besides the jar packaging, the box packaging was also launched. The latter more than doubled the content of curcumin, and it contains small individual packs which is hygienic, anti-moisture and anti-oxidizing.
Each individual pack is like a candy, super convenient to carry around!

Each individual pack contains a small piece of turmeric brown sugar. It’s just the right size for making tea or eating directly like a candy!

It’s also easy to carry around. Just put some in your bag or in the office drawer and drink it whenever you want to without worry of attracting ants.

On Monday, when I was out mailing a letter at the post office, I was stuck on my way home waiting under an apartment block for over 10 minutes because of a sudden heavy rain. I was a little drenched and had a headache the entire afternoon. After getting home, I quickly made a strong cup of turmeric brown sugar drink and immediately felt energized. Even my headache went away quickly~

Right, turmeric not only protects the liver and against oxidation, it also contains rich amount of calcium, potassium and commonly deficient iron. If you are often anemic due to iron deficiency, consuming 5~10g of turmeric a day can satisfy 1/4 of your daily iron requirement. So Doctor Red Turmeric is really wonderful stuff for women!

With the sudden temperature drop this week, the cold weather plus my menstrual period and busy schedule, I feel so exhausted, I can hardly stand up straight >"<
After putting my kid to bed, I helped myself to a cup of turmeric brown sugar drink and Korean drama to warm my body and mind ~~~

Sometimes I put turmeric brown sugar in fresh milk to make turmeric milk tea~
And it’s so easy to make! Just pour milk into a mug and warm it in the microwave for one and a half minutes, then put in the turmeric brown sugar! (I myself put two cubes for 300cc)

Stir gently to melt the turmeric brown sugar and the fresh milk will turn a beautiful milk tea color!

Because it tastes sweet and warm, and smells like milk tea, my daughter is constantly asking for it. But since turmeric is a little heaty and energizing, I only dare to give her some in the day, otherwise I’d have a painful time dealing with her excess energy~

Doctor Red Turmeric from Nantou’s Bagua Mountain is naturally cultivated. The combination of natural Taiwan brown sugar with highly concentrated red turmeric tastes gentle and non-spicy. You can try it even if you’re not a fan of ginger. In the cold winter, you don’t have to stand in the kitchen brewing for hours; just pour hot water and you get yourself a cup of nutritional turmeric brown sugar drink. No more cold hands and feet, and cramps, during your menstrual period.

Thank you, Miss Mama, for recommending Fong Man Red Turmeric Brown Sugar!
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