Recommendation by SETTV Career Master

Recommendation by SETTV Career Master|Golden Bell Award Winner Huang His-tien Recommends|Fong Man Doctor Red Turmeric


Super healthy red turmeric! SETTV Career Master made a special trip to Fong Man Biotech Farm. Golden Bell Award host Huang Hsi-tien visited the turmeric field to find out about the Doctor Red Turmeric cultivated by Dr. Hsieh Jui-yu and his campaigning of the ancient wisdom that “food and medicine come from the same source”. Career Master host Huang Hsi-tien totally agreed with Dr. Hsieh after listening to his introduction.

Doctor Red Turmeric contains rich amount of curcumin. Its curcumin content is “38 times” higher than ordinary turmeric in Taiwan and five times higher than turmeric in Japan! The curcumin in one tablespoon of Doctor Red Turmeric is equivalent to the entire jar of organic turmeric and normal turmeric available in the market.

Doctor Red Turmeric’s antioxidant power is the best amongst all natural fruits and vegetables. Besides campaigning the concept that “food and medicine come from the same source”, Dr. Hsieh also takes great care in cultivating turmeric. He cultivates turmeric organically in a natural environment, ensuring that the crops are healthy, safe and highly nutritional.

The Doctor Red Turmeric cultivated by Fong Man Biotech Farm has a unique floral scent which makes it highly suitable for adding into our food. You can add turmeric powder into food such as noodle, rice, rice pudding, radish cake, steamed bun, bread and rice dumpling. Fong Man Biotech Farm has also developed a wide range of products, including convenient and healthy turmeric thin noodle and turmeric ramen, and turmeric brown sugar and turmeric tea bags which office workers can carry around easily. Healthcare should begin in your everyday life. Career Master invites you to experience the magic of turmeric!