Dr. Turmeric

Tumeric Brown Sugar Latte


Fong-Man Biotech Farm gives Turmeric Brown Sugar a creative twist! The combination of rich brown sugar with fresh milk and fragrant turmeric is simply wonderful. Our chef’s Turmeric Brown Sugar Latte makes a refreshingly cool and healthy drink for the summer and a warming drink for the winter. Learn how to make your own turmeric brown sugar latte with our chef today!

Turmeric Brown Sugar Latte
  • 40g Turmeric Brown Sugar
  • 80g fresh milk
  • 200cc hot water
  • Some ice cubes

Step 1:
Stir Turmeric Brown Sugar evenly in hot water.

Step 2:
In summer, lower temperature with some ice cubes before adding fresh milk.

Enjoy your Turmeric Brown Sugar Latte!

Brown sugar has always been the go-to solution for women during their monthly discomfort. Dr. Turmeric’s Turmeric Brown Sugar is even better for relieving menstrual cramps, especially when drunk warm. It only takes two steps to prepare the light yellow drink with the perfect combination of Turmeric Brown Sugar and fresh milk. Try making a delicious and healthy turmeric latte for yourself today!