Dr. Turmeric

Turmeric Honey Lemon Water


The perfect blend of turmeric, honey and lemon not only makes an unforgettable sweet and sour drink, it also replenishes nutrition. Given the fast pace of life today, a frequently imbalanced diet can make one sick. Turmeric Honey Lemon Water replenishes you with turmeric nutrition and abundant vitamin C so let our chef teach you how to make the perfect blend.

Turmeric Honey Lemon Water (2-3 servings)
2 lemons (squeeze juice from one and a half lemon, cut the other half into thin slices)
2g turmeric powder
80ml honey
450ml water

Step 1:
Stir 80ml honey in 450ml warm water.

Step 2:
Put in a few slices of lemon.

Step 3:
Pour in lemon juice (squeezed from one and a half lemon)

Step 4:
Add 2g nutritional turmeric powder.

Step 5:
Cool the drink with ice cubes.

Enjoy your perfect blend of Turmeric Honey Lemon Water.

Not only does this make a cooling drink for a lazy afternoon, you can also put it in your personal bottle. It is much healthier than drinking hand-shaken commercial drinks. Fong-Man Biotech Farm has created many convenient turmeric products for busy office workers. Turmeric Ramen and Turmeric Thin Noodle make a good late-night snack and Turmeric Brown Sugar helps to relieve discomfort during menstruation. However, turmeric is unsuitable for pregnant women as it promotes blood circulation and dissipates blood stasis. Our chef will teach you many delicious turmeric recipes, satisfying your taste buds and giving you abundant energy.